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Nowadays, lifting large and heavy items with cranes are a norm in a lot of industries whether they are multinational corporations (MNC), small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) or public-limited companies (PLC). With the technology that is increasingly advanced, these heavy-lifting duties can be done much easily compared to the past when lifting big and bulky items were much more difficult.

Heavy-lifting duties are becoming more common, but these lifting equipments require people to manually operate them. However, a lot of companies do not emphasise on safety training for rigging slinging, therefore a lot of accidents have happened in workplaces, causing injuries or even deaths. To prevent these accidents from happening, ISO Group provides rigging training to employees from various companies who deal with heavy-lifting machinery on a daily basis. Our rigging course includes safety training as well, therefore companies do not have to look for two separate courses for their employees when it comes to gaining knowledge on rigging slinging.

From the most basic rigging slinging information such as the different types of sling hitches to safety precautions during the work progress will be taught and shared with the employees who participate in this rigging course. Participants can also learn to do regular checkups on the machines to prevent accidents from happening at the workplace.

Besides focusing on the technicality for the machine operations, our behavioural-based rigging training will give equal attention to each employee by teaching them four skills – seeing, thinking, acting and coaching. We understand that every employee has a different personality and working style, therefore we want to implement these skills into each of them with the most appropriate way in regards to the way they work. Through this training, ISO Group wishes to change the employees’ behaviours, so that they become more reliable and responsible for their own actions.

After this course, employees are sure to gain more knowledge in this field and contribute better to their companies.