The ISO Group Other Training Providers
1. Behaviorual Based Safety Operations Training* Launch by the Hon. Minister of Human Resources Not available
2. NOSS Duty, Task, Step Analysis > JHA > PH > JSS Not available
3. Use effective 7 Adult Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Multiple Sense Learning, Meaningful Material Learning, Overlearning, Primary & Recency Learning. Not available
4. Abide by ASTD USA Training Methodology Not available
5. Abide to Confucius: Learning & Knowledge concepts Not available
6. Touch 5 sense: Safety Operations Song cum Pledge card Not available
7. Identification of Hazards Not available
8. Accident Pictures and Videos for Case Study Discussion*
* We can customize with Customer Real Accident Cases
Not available
9. Use 1 H 6 W training technique Not available
10. Cover 30 HWWWWW content Not available
11. Use International 2 step loading & Unloading method Not available
12. Use Superman 5 X-ray eyes technique *
* Registered Worldwide Patent of Training Provider
Not available
13. Cover full understanding of A, B & C Load Chart reference *
*Other Training Providers teach A & B only
Not available
14. Cover 7 Healthy Ergonomics Operations steps Not available
15. Cover DG, Cargo handling signs, placards & colour code Not available
16. Cover Red and Halo Zone 3 & 2 metre zone, Following Distance Not available
17. Cover reduction of Repair downtime, maintenance parts & exp. Not available
18. SOSCO MHE Accidents claims statistics Not available
19. Press news of FL Accidents Not available
20. > 500 presentation power point slides 35 ppt slides
21. Bilingual presentation power point slides Only 1 Language ppt slides
22. Handout notes (choice of many Languages) Handout notes 1 Language
23. Training in any 2 of 9 Languages / Dialects *
* Foreign Language Translators: Nepalese/ Bangladeshi / Hindi / Vietnamese/ Myanmarese/ Thai
Training in 1 Language
24. Trainers hold train the trainer Cert from HRDB Not available
25. Trainers hold Safety & Health Cert from NIOSH / ASSE, etc Not available
26. Jubah Robes Graduation Not available
27. Comply with OSHA USA Not available
28. Public Program available at 14 states of Malaysia Not available
29. Available weekends, weekdays, modular Maybe Available
30. (Optional) full range MHEs e.g. ANA, VNA, MDT, etc Not available
31. (Optional) full range attachments e.g. Paper Roll Clamp, etc Not available
32. (Optional) Container Loading & Unloading, Ramps Not available
33. (Optional) Simulator (Only 1 in Asia-Pacific)* * Launched by the former Hon. Minister of Human Resources Not available
34. Free Pre / Post HIARCH Survey & Report *
* Launched by the current Hon. Minister of Human Resources
Not available