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Riggers, Slingers and Signallers are crucial people in the lifting of any heavy loads or equipment. They play an important role in ensuring that all the safety matters are taken into account before a crucial lift is taking place. This high risk activity is highly seen especially in an ever changing environment especially in the world of construction. In short, a lifting job is categorised as a ‘Safety Critical’ job which is clearly defined as a job which affects the safety of not only the people working with the load but also the people working in and around the load.

Therefore, it is important that all the riggers, slingers and signallers are properly trained with the relevant crane rigging training before executing a lifting job as the effects of an accident can be relatively a major hazard. In the training provided by The ISO Group, we ensure that all the three key roles of the Rigger, Slinger and Signaller is properly adhered to. We benchmark our training against the requirements as stipulated by the Construction Plant Competence Scheme of the United Kingdom to ensure the highest safety standards are being practised and imparted in Malaysia. We can say we have one of the most complete rigging and slinging course in Malaysia. Therefore, our rigging, slinging and signalling course can also be adhered to the crane rigging training that many company are accustomed to.

Just a quick overview of our The ISO Group Rigging, Slinging and Signalling Training, we ensure all the three key parties knows the importance of their duties during a lifting job for a crane rigging training. Some of it includes knowing how to sling so they will be able to understand about the possibility of load shifts and even the understanding of the Centre of Gravity so to prevent a major accident from happening. Besides that, the trainees must also know the safe working load of the slings to predetermine the lifting capacity of the loads by the cranes. This includes understanding the main purpose of a tagline and more importantly learning on how to ‘tie’ the tagline to the load etc.

This is then followed by the importance of communication between the Riggers, Slingers and Signallers where one must learn on how to communicate either through the common hand signals, whistle, radio and walkie-talkie which is crucial so that they can ‘talk’ to one another to avoid lifting accidents. This includes hazardous movement of loads in narrow areas and safe working distance and even wind force which are some of the external elements that can cause a lifting disaster.

In summary, we have to agree a lifting job holds a heavy responsibility by the Riggers, Slingers and Signallers. With our Rigging and Slinging Course in Malaysia being internationally recognised, the trainees will be exposed to an internationally acclaimed accreditation.