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For some employers, if a person is able to operate a car then they are automatically allowed to work with machinery. This is very dangerous as inexperienced individuals who are set to man machines like overhead cranes without the proper crane safety training can lead to injury or even death. And when that happens, the company will be held liable according to the Factory and Machinery Act 1967 and Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994.

However, you can prevent any injury and teach your employees to operate an overhead crane safely by requiring operators, new and old to go through a safety course that will give them the knowledge they need in order to handle their machinery. This is also stipulated in the Persons In Charge Regulation 2014 of the Factory and Machinery Act 1964.

Through an overhead crane safety training course, trainees will be taught everything they need to learn about overhead cranes. Some of the things trainees will learn through these courses include: the correct way to maneuver, operate, and even maintain the unit.

Overhead crane safety training courses will help to improve the individual’s attitude towards the job, as some overhead crane operators with no history of training may not see the risks involved with his work. Hopefully, going through a safety course will change his mind and teach him how to be more efficient in the field.

But going through a safety course once is not enough. Employers have to make it a point to let their employees go through safety training every few years or so, to serve as a refresher course for all overhead crane operators.

The ISO Group has designed a safety course for crane operators. We employ a technique called Feedback Learning, Active Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Multiple Sense Learning, Meaningful Material Learning, Overlearning, Primary and Recency Learning (FARMMOP).

This method is designed to ensure that all the information trainees learn from our training is retained, and will give each trainee a sense of accomplishment. FARMMOP is the key to ensure a successful overhead crane safety course.

When employees get the right kind of training for their job, the chances of work related injuries go down significantly. Get your employees trained in everything they need to know on how to effectively operate an overhead crane. ISO Group’s method is one of the best known overhead crane safety training courses in Malaysia, and also one of the most affordable.