Our Behavioural Based Training

Behavioral-Based Safety Training is an international approach to safety that focuses on safe and unsafe behaviors of staff in the workplace. Its aim is to identify, influence, and change the unsafe behaviors that exist in the workplace, or reinforce the safe behaviors already established. Common Forklift Training and Crane Operator Training only convey Safety Compliance of Rules and Dos & Don’ts.

However behavior change is not conducted, and hence Operators revert back to their old practices after the training which results in zero Return on Investment on the organisation’s training investments. Accidents will continue to occur, causing damage, defects poor quality of products & equipment, injuries and even fatalities, downtime and delay in shipments due to such occurrences. The end result is buyer lose faith in our Malaysian manufacturers.

The ISO Group Behavior-Based Material Handling Equipment in the area of Forklift Training, Mobile Elevating Work Platform Safety Operations Training i.e. Sky Lift Training and Hoisting Machine i.e. Crane Operator Training goes beyond common Safety Training as it integrates the latest behavioral research findings with a person-focused approach. The system teaches four critical skills – Acting, Coaching, Thinking and Seeing. When operators master all of the skills, they become responsible for their own and co-workers safety.