Batteries are expensive to replace. Unfortunately, many MHE and MEWP batteries are replaced far too soon as a result of improper battery care and neglect. A battery can cost up to RM20,000 each and if its useful life is terminated within 3 years instead of 6 useful years then your organization stand to lose RM10,000 on the battery. If you have say 10 batteries in use then your organisation will lose RM100,000 over 3 years.

Battery care is a core part of any forklift maintenance training. This training will help owners and users of electric MHEs and MEWPs in the Manufacturing and Hotel Industries save money, by showing amongst other things how to properly charge, clean and water batteries so as to avoid these unnecessary replacement costs. Participants will be provided with a complete battery care checklist to keep close to the battery charging area so it can be referred by anyone involved in these activities to ensure long term usage, safety & health issues, emergency and first aid issues.

The MHE and MEWP equipment available for these training comprises of the following. A customized training approach for each individual equipment and work environment is being engaged to ensure a comprehensive forklift maintenance training is conducted.

ObjectiveTarget ParticipantsMethodologyCourse Content
  • How to Ensure Forklift Battery Care & Full Lifetime Usage?
  • What are the safety procedures when handling Battery Charging?
  • Supervisor
  • Fleet Manager
  • Safety Officer
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Lectures & Handout Notes with Q&A, Foreign language – Translators (Optional)
  • Accident Pictures & Video shows with discussions
  • Activity – Case studies discussion and presentation
  • Pre / Post Objective Theory Tests
  • The training will answer all the 1H5W (How, Why, What, When, Where, Which) with regards to Total Battery Care & Maintenance.
  • What makes up a battery?
  • What heavy loads operations drain the battery more quickly?
  • What & Which are the Economic / technical comparison of battery types?
  • How to maintain a battery on daily, weekly and monthly?
  • What is the Available energy per charging cycle?
  • How & When to ensure proper top up of battery electrolyte?
  • Why & How & When to do a proper Discharging process and Charging process?
  • What is an Opportunity Charging and How it is damaging to the Long Term Usage?
  • What is a Balancing Charge and How & Who & When to conduct it?
  • Why and How to Measure & Read Specific Gravity of Battery Electrolyte?
  • Why Reading Temperature of Battery Electrolyte is important for Long Term Usage?
  • What is a properly equipped battery charging area and numbers required?
  • What complete PPE are required for charging area?
  • If personnel wear eye contact lenses, What must they know in case of splash?
  • How and What to have to conduct the correct Changing Battery Safety Procedures?
  • What to refer to in the Material Safety Data Sheet?
  • What to do if the acid splash is to the eyes & skin?
  • What to do if the acid is swallowed and the victim is conscious & unconscious?
  • What to do if Sulfuric Acid Spillage in the event of battery breakage?
  • What are the potential hazards of Ignition/explosion of accumulated hydrogen gas?