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Forklift truck training is now playing key role in the world of occupational safety and health in Malaysia. With its recent amendment to the Schedule of Factories and Machinery (Persons-in-Charge) (Amendment) Regulations 2014 of the Factory and Machinery Act 1967, it is now ever more important that employers have to ensure that adequate training and supervision is provided to the operators before being allowed to operate the forklifts.

Many company have gotten away with the law as before the amendment and implementation of the regulation, these company have ‘trained’ using their own method without really imparting the understanding of the concept of safety and health into forklift operation. They were merely training forklift operation with reference to the relevant forklift brand the company is using to their operators. These training are insufficient to cover the complete safety and health aspects required in a forklift operator.

Therefore, safety and health practitioners have always been bogged in the dilemma of ensuring proper safety techniques are being imparted to the forklift operators but one have to agree that after the completion of a forklift training, many a times operators revert back to their old habits i.e. the saying ‘Old Habits Die Hard’. Therefore, the best and proven method will be to impart the concept of behavioural change to the forklift training and into the organization. However, these can only be made possible when all the levels in an organization from management to operators ‘live’ out the life of safety and health. It must be in their blood including forklift operators all the way to the management.

The program offered by The ISO Group forklift and reach truck training covers this important aspect of behaviour-based safety operations in its training content so to ensure that all forklift operators are imparted this crucial and important behaviour. The ISO Group is currently, the only appointed and approved forklift training provider from the American Petroleum Institute under its Behaviour-Based Material Handling Equipment (MHE) Safety Operations Training Program which includes Forklift Truck, Reach Truck and Powered-Pallet Truck machine as part of the training content. With these three machines as part of the training content it provides trainees the wide range of the most commonly used MHE in within the industry.

Other MHE training programs include forklift truck training, reach truck training, pallet truck training, reach stacker truck training, empty container lifter truck training, multi-directional truck training, paper roll clamp truck training, drum clamp truck training, very narrow aisle truck training, articulated narrow aisle truck training, telehandler truck training, excavator truck training, backhoe truck training, shovel bobcat truck training.

At The ISO Group, we conduct behaviour-based forklift truck, reach truck, powered-pallet truck and all other MHE training throughout Malaysia with branches in all states at reasonable and affordable price rates. Visit us to find out more information!