Q. What language/s do you use to conduct your training?

A. Malay &/or English. For Bangladeshi, Hindi, Nepalese, Vietnamese, Myanmarese, Indian and Chinese participants: We will provide translators.

Q. What language/s is used in your handout notes?

A. Out handout notes are Bi-Lingual i.e. Malay and English Languages. If necessary we will bring separate handouts with Bangladeshi, Hindi, Nepalese, Vietnamese, Myanmarese, Indian and Chinese languages.

Q. What certificate/s can our Operators obtain after the Training?

A. Certificate of Completion for those who attended minimum 75% of the Training. A Training Card will be issued for those passed in all the 3 sections.

Q. Who do you hand over the certificates?

A. We deliver to your Human Resources Department directly.

Q. What else do you provide?

A. In- House Program at your premises: Certificates, Handout Notes. Public Program at our premises: Certificates, Handout Notes, Refreshments, Lunch and the new MHE for Practical Assessment.

Q. How many people can we put into each class?

A. Normally our class is limited to 15 pax.

Q. Would my staff sleep off during the Theory Training?

A. We assure that your staff will not sleep off, because our course is fully interactive.

Q. What Methodology do you use during your training?

A. Lectures, Video shows, Activity, Case Studies, Pre/Post Objective & Practical Tests.

Q. Would you teach maintenance in your above training?

A. No, however one of our modules Pre-Operation Maintenance Check will ensure Long Term Usage of your company’s equipment.

Q. I heard you provide our staff/participants Graduation Gown to wear. True? Why?

A. True. Wearing Graduation Gown enhances the participants learning experience.

Q. Do you use International OSHA Laws on Safety Training Requirements?

A. Yes, our training materials are constantly updated to International Requirements. We are Corporate Members of the National Safety Council (NSC USA), Int’l Association of Safety Professionals (IASP USA), and Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA UK). We also use safety materials from Australia, Komatsu Japan and Still Germany.

Q. Why do you mention OSHA USA in your training materials?

A. If your products are exported to overseas countries your customers’ Safety & Health Inspectors will refer to international OSHA USA laws to check compliance.

Q. Who should attend? Can ladies attend your training?

A. All new and experienced operators. We also recommend store hands etc to attend in order to make them multi-tasking in order to reduce downtime or operation costs. We also recommend that Supervisors and Managers to attend so that they know what has been taught and therefore ensure their Operators Compliance. We welcome ladies to be trained and we have done that in the past.

Q. Some of our Operators are Foreigners. Can we include them in your Training?

A. You can include them in the training subject to the minimum Malaysians also attending.

Q. Which day can we have the training?

A. Adjoining days on weekdays, weekends, and Modular.

Q. What has to be provided to trainer/s?

A. Training Room, Flip charts, Projector Screen, Training Circuit and the necessary Equipment for Practical.

Q. How many Training Centres do you have?

A. 3 Centres in Wuxi, Nanjing, Guangzhou (China), 1 Centre in Hanoi (Vietnam), 1 Centre in Singapore and 14 Centres in Malaysia.

Q. How many companies and people have your company since trained?

A. Since trained >10,000 local and foreign operators from >200 MNC/SME.

Q. Is your Training Centre and course registered with HRDB to enable us to claim?

A. Yes, we are an Approved Class “A” Training Provider.

Q. What is so special about your course when compared to other Training Providers?

A. We have built in Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) Methodology in our Training.

Q. When should our Operators attend Refresher Training?

A. Refresher Training is recommended every 6 months to 2 years depending on your company compliance.

Q. What are your Training Fees?

A. In-House Training: RM5,000 per day x 2 days (Theory & Practical) = RM10,000. Public Program at our training centre: RM850 per pax.

Q. What other Material Handling Equipment (MHE) and Mobile Elevating Work Platform related courses do you provide?

A. Alert for Night Workers, Paper Roll Clamps, Container Stuffing, Reach Trucks, Pallet Trucks, Platform Access Trucks (Scissors Lift) and Tow Trucks.