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Lifting supervisors are expected to ensure that projects are done safely on the field. It may seem like an easy job, but even lifting supervisors need to pass a lifting supervisor course in order to be fully qualified for the job.

A lifting supervisor is part of a lifting team which usually comprises of a lifting supervisor, a crane operator, a rigger, a signalman and a tagline holder. Each individual has an important role and because of this, they must all learn how to effectively communicate and coordinate when doing their job.

One of the jobs of a lifting supervisor is interpreting a lifting plan. A lifting supervisor course aims to teach each trainee on what to know and what to do when making plans to move the heavy load in accordance to the lifting plan that has been approved. They will be taught techniques and will also be taught to look out for risks that may be involved.

The lifting supervisor is expected to check the area where the load will be moved. It is up to them to check its safety before they start the job.

Another thing trainees will be taught in the lifting supervisor course is communication. They need to be able to communicate with the team on how they will conduct the lifting plan. It is up to the lifting supervisor to let everyone know just what to do and how to do it properly so that injuries and accidents may be prevented.

Lifting supervisors are not expected to go through a course once and be done with it. They are required to go through these courses every few years so that they may be refreshed on the importance and risks involved in their job. This is important as it also serves as a refresher course and a reminder of any new trends and safety precautions that may be added through the years.

ISO Group offers these training courses for lifting supervisors, what makes their method effective is that the course is designed in a way so that trainees who go through them not only learn terms and safety tips, but also retain them. For more information, take a look at the company website.