ISO-GROUP Online Training Package

In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, The ISO GROUP is FULLY SPONSORING special package for all training conducted by us;

  1. FREE Gmate Covid-19 Saliva Antigen Rapid Test Kit for every participant

  1. FREE Hybrid Online Training (as per details below)

The ISO-GROUP is happy to announce the availability of most of our regular in-person training the under Hybrid Training System™ (HTS™) of e-learning program training with theory assessment, for both new and refresher training.

I.o.T. Hybrid Package as below:

  • Tablet
  • Earphone
  • Charger
  • Internet ready individual sim card
  • Web-enabled internet Zoom theory software application
  • Pre & Post theory test on Learning Management System (LMS) (auto-sorted questionnaire)
  • Helmet with Camera (Real time/Record for delayed assessment)
  • Web-enabled internet router
  • Self-paced Learning Management Software
  • Flexible quick-in, quick-out
  • Convenience: run on pc / handphone / tablet
  • Voice over training
  • Face-to-face training – manual / webinar (optional)
  • Check point quiz at each module
  • Linked in dictionary
  • Multiple languages available
  • Online progress report for management

We look forward to continuing working with you, to help you and your team safely home in line with our 18 years tagline: Safe to Work, Safe Back Home.

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IOT to the rescue for competency skills operations training & assessment
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Visit our YouTube link to view our sample of IoT training in session


3D Rigger, Slinger, Signaller, Crane Lifting Supervisor
Rigger, Slinger, Signaller, Tagline Holder and Crane Lifting Supervisor
Overhead Travelling Crane
Lorry Loader Crane

Defensive Driving

Defensive Car Driving
Defensive Motor Driving

Material Handling Equipment

Forklift Truck
Forklift Truck VR Simulator
Reach Stacker

Mobile Elevating Work Platform

Boom Lift, Scissors Lift, Sky Lift


Inspection for Overhead Travelling Crane VR Simulator
Inspection for Mobile Crane
Inspection for Boom Lift
Inspection for Scissors Lift
Inspection of Sky Lift

First Aid

Online First Aid Practical
All above Competency Operations Training & Practical Assessment are approved as ONLINE Remote Learning Mode by:

Akademi Binaan Malaysia & Construction Industry Development Board
Department of Occupational Safety and Health
PERKESO PENJANA and the Employment Insurance Scheme